New Year, New Membership

Why you should join Old Hawthorne this new year.

The new year is upon us, and what better way to kick off a prosperous year than with a new membership to Old Hawthorne. From our state-of-the art golf course to The Wine Society for wine connoisseurs, The Club at Old Hawthorne has something for everyone and every interest. 

Golfing in January

As we all know, Mid-Missouri weather can be unpredictable, and those nice days that we are graced with in January shall not be wasted hiding indoors! Instead, grab your golf clubs and head to our course or top-rated golf facility to practice your game. 

The Wine Society

If you consider yourself a wine enthusiast, then The Wine Society is for you. This program allows wine enthusiasts to sample, socialize, and snack with other wine connoisseurs every quarter. And if you find a wine you enjoy, a membership with The Wine Society can allow you to buy a bottle or two at a discounted rate.

Break a Sweat

The fitness center at Old Hawthorne is fully equipped with all of the equipment you need to fulfill your new goals of working out. With free weights, ellipticals, treadmills, and weight machines, after a trip to the fitness center at Old Hawthorne, you’ll leave feeling your best. As a member, you can also enjoy specialty classes and personal training classes with our fitness director! And of course, after you’re finished with your workout, you can shower off in our upscale locker rooms.

A Great Place for Friends

Making new friends outside of the workplace can be a challenge. So many of our members have befriended each other as they relax by the poolside, sample wines at The Wine Society meetings, or as they break a sweat in our specialty fitness classes. Old Hawthorne is a place of community and friendship.

Start this new year off right with a membership at Old Hawthorne. If you’re interested in a membership, call us today at 573-442-5280 ext. 5000 for more information.

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The Best Cold Weather Golfing Gear

One of the best things about golf is that you can play pretty much the entire year — as long as there aren’t puddles of rain or piles of snow on the ground. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your game even with a drop in temperature. We’ve compiled a list of the must-have gear to keep playing comfortably this winter.

  1. Keep your upper body warm with layers. We recommend dry-fit pullovers. They keep both water and wind off of your body while also providing a thin enough layer to still comfortably move around. These pullovers can go over or under other layers, making them perfect for adding more warmth when needed. These pullovers are comfortable and sleek to wear on and off the course.
  2. Consider cold weather trousers. While many golfers will add layers to the upper body, wearing more than one pair of pants while golfing can mess up your swing and cause discomfort throughout the game. This doesn’t mean that you should just leave your legs to deal with the elements, however. Many of your favorite golfing apparel brands make specialty insulated golf pants just for winter golf, and many have features such as water and wind-resistance.
  3. Two gloves are better than one. Winter golf gloves come in pairs, and many people wear both to make sure they can maintain full mobility for their best swing. These gloves are also fleece-lined and water-resistant to keep the worst parts of winter out. Wearing two gloves may take some time to get used to, so make sure you test out this strategy at home first. Many golfers also bring Hot Hands in their bags for when they need an extra boost to stay warm for the rest of your game.
  4. Don’t forget your golf socks! Keeping your feet warm starts with a good pair of wool socks. Having cold or wet feet, especially if walking the course to stay warm, is one of the worst feelings. Waterproof golf shoes can be a splurge but may make or break your winter golf season. Merino wool socks are lightweight and breathable but still provide warmth throughout the day. Merino wool is durable and sure to last you through the winter season. 
  5. Accessories can make or break your experience. Many golf accessories can improve your warmth throughout the day, like a winter cap to keep your ears and head warm while staying out of your way or a slim vest to provide another layer to your midsection while not disrupting your shoulder turn mid-swing. Some golfers prefer a fabric hand warmer or a scarf for extra insulation. Many of these get added into the rotation when the weather dips even lower but aren’t pulled out at the beginning of the season.

The difference in preparation varies with each season, but no matter what the weather is, you should still be hydrating before and after every game you play. When the weather gets colder, you’ll be more prone to injuries, so don’t forget warm-up exercises while packing all your cold-weather gear. 

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It’s Time for Winter Golf

How to stay on top of your golf game as the cold weather approaches Mid-Missouri.

The brisk, Mid-Missouri winter air is upon us. But just because the days of sunny skies and warm temperatures are past doesn’t mean you have to put your golf gear away for the winter. The winter months are actually a great time to have a quiet time on the green and work on perfecting your technique when the season picks up again in the spring. Here are some tips for how you can keep up with your game even in the coldest of months.

Come Prepared

First and foremost, you’ve got to come to the green prepared for anything. Being located in Mid-Missouri means we see all types of weather throughout the day. When you’re heading to Old Hawthorne for a little winter golf, make sure you have clothing for all of the seasons. To have a successful winter season, it’s important to wear layers so the bulky fabrics of a heavy coat or hoodie don’t mess up your swing, so leave the big coats at home. To ensure the cold doesn’t mess with your technique, wear a turtleneck, beanie, and thick socks, so you don’t risk any shivers ruining your perfect swing.

Don’t Forget to Warm Up

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you should skip the warm-up. Spend some time on the hitting range to warm up and avoid any injuries. You can also do some stretches at home before you come to the course to further avoid any injuries and to get your blood flowing.

New Season, New Rules

Golfing in the winter is different from golfing during the warmer months, so to keep on top of your game, make sure you know the proper etiquette of golfing in the winter. With snow and moisture on the ground, the game can be sloppy, so brush up on the rules alone and with your partners to ensure you’re on the same page.

Are you ready to perfect your winter golf game? Don’t wait any longer — claim your golf membership at Old Hawthorne today!

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A Look into Old Hawthorne’s Practice Facility

Why you should choose Old Hawthorne’s nationally-ranked facility to practice your golf swing.

There’s so many beautiful golf courses and country clubs around Mid-Missouri that are great to tee off at. But if you want to tee off at the best, then you need to come to Old Hawthorne. We’re not just saying that either — our 22-acre practice facility is nationally ranked.

For eight straight years, the practice facility at Old Hawthorne has received a top 50 rating from the Golf Range Association of America. And for good reason too — if we say so ourselves. The beautiful and well-kempt green is a complete golf practice range, so you can practice any and all aspects of your game to prepare for your next match, or to just blow off some steam.

If you’re looking for a chipping green, putting green, or a wedge area, we have you covered. Because like we said, our 22-acres is here to help you have the best game possible — besides, it’s not a nationally ranked facility for nothing. 

Even if you’re a novice player, the practice facility is still for you. Taught and led by PGA Head Golf Professional, Kevin Stull, golf lessons at Old Hawthorne are just as stress-free as playing a game on the green. We all have to start somewhere, and being surrounded by advanced players can be intimidating. So as you learn how to perfect your swing, you can be away from the public hitting areas and in your own private teaching area with your coach and other novice players. 

We offer multiple different types of lessons. We offer private lessons, so you can have one-on-one coaching in a judgement-free environment. We offer junior lessons, so your little ones can become a pro on the green. And we offer group golf lessons, so you can take your family, friends, or office down to the green to learn a thing or two about their game and bond in the process.

When you’re shopping around for a practice facility, check out Old Hawthorne. Our practice facility is the best around, and it’s all for you. Contact us today to see how you can get your membership started.

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5 Things to Keep in Your Bag When the Weather Gets Colder

Have you ever thought about all the items that go into your golf bag? From everyday essentials to just-in-case items, these things are handy when you need them, but add what feels like dead weight to your bag. We’ve compiled some things that you’ll be more than thankful you made room for in your bag this winter golf season. 

  1. Winter Golf Gloves
    • These aren’t your grandma’s winter mittens. Winter golf gloves are knitted and go on both hands to keep warm throughout the brisk weather. They’re warm yet slim to maintain your full mobility for the best swing. A majority of the golf gloves on the market today are water-resistant to keep the worst part of winter out of your game. While these are made to be slim and not hinder your game, wearing two gloves may take some time to get used to, so make sure you test out this strategy at home first.
  2. Extra Golf Towels
    • Every golfer knows to bring a towel in their golf bag for wet conditions or sweaty hands, but with winter play, you’ll want to bring at least one more. When it’s wet out, you’ll want to use one towel for your clubs and balls and another one to keep your hands and face dry. Any type of moisture on your body exposed to the chilly air is sure to make a miserable round of golf and could even throw off your game.
  3. Hand Warmers
    • Hand warmers can be your best friend on the colder days in the golf season. Your hands and grip is your only connection to your golf club, and we all know what happens to your swing when your grip is off. Don’t let cold fingers freeze up your golf game. Hit your shot, and pop your hands back into your pockets with some HotHands to keep your hands warm and ready to move. 
  4. Stocking Cap
    • Staying warm is important to keep you on your top game. A simple stocking cap won’t add much weight to your bag but can be a lifesaver when the wind is blowing and the temperature is low. Our bodies lose large amounts of heat from our heads, which negatively impacts our core internal temperature. Ears are made of mostly cartilage and have no body fat to keep them warm, so a nice stocking cap can do wonders. 
  5. Extra Golf Balls and Long Golf Tees
    • The grass will be longer in the winter months than during the rest of the season, so you’ll want to bring longer tees to keep your ball above the grass. Winter tees are also readily available at the pro shop — these are a little bit tougher than your typical tee to combat the frozen ground. You’ll also want to pack a bit more balls than usual in your bag, and don’t make them all your favorite most expensive ones either. You have a higher chance of losing balls in the winter due to the lower temperature and drag it creates, so packing more than usual is no big deal — you’ll be glad to have them when you need them. Some golfers also recommend using colored golf balls to make them stand out more — red-blue or bright white will stand out against our golf greens and make them easier to spot under any frost or leaves. 

By following this list, you’ll be staying on top of your game during the colder months of golf season.

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4 Signs You Need New Golf Clubs

Did you know that golf is rocket science? Well, sort of. Rocket scientists have put countless hours of research into developing golf from how it began in the 1400s to make it the game it is today, impacting everything from the number of dimples on a golf ball to the titanium in your driver. 

The earliest golf clubs were carved from one piece of wood, usually handmade by the golfer, so there was no design used across the board. Golf club sets have come a long way since then, but the difference in technology isn’t always the most noticeable from year to year; however, there are still improvements being made in the world of golf equipment. Here are some signs that you may have pushed off purchasing new golfing equipment for too long. 

You’re Experiencing Too Much Spin. 

Whether you’re using your irons or your driver, too much spin can throw off your golf game. Being able to launch the ball into the air can be helpful, but if there is too much spin, your ball can go out of control, losing direction and distance. Some newer technology in golf is made to increase your height but decrease the spin on your ball. If you’re coming up short of your expected distances or your ball quickly stops when hitting the fairway, you may be the victim of too much spin. 

You’re Not Getting Enough Height.

If your drives are barely getting off the ground, you’re giving up some much-needed distance. Keeping your ball low to the ground can be helpful when it’s windy but can hurt your game in the long run. If you’re hitting the ball too low and playing with older clubs, new equipment can help you gain distance off the tee and add more control. 

You’re Being Passed.

If you’re an avid golfer, you may notice that the friends you’ve played with for years are now passing you in distance, your clubs could be the culprit. Distance usually only increases by one to two yards per year for drivers, but over 10 to 15 years, this could mean 20 yards or longer. Irons have also undergone some technical improvements over the last couple of years. Changes in weighting and hollow bodies have made irons longer and more forgiving throughout your game. 

You’re Experiencing More Wear and Tear 

Some wear and tear is expected and not a concern for your golf game. A grip falling apart or a paint chip probably isn’t impacting your performance — just get your club re-gripped. But if your driver is covered with dents or the grooves on your irons are worn down, then you need new equipment. If you’re noticing a change of golf performance, such as lack of spin, distance, or too much bouncing, you probably need a new club. 
No matter how good your golf game has been lately, be cautious when trying out equipment used by the pros. Look for golf equipment that will support the way you like to play golf — not just the best looking set in the shop or what’s on tour. At the end of the day, don’t upgrade the set you just purchased unless you feel that you’re being held back by your equipment. Sometimes all we need is a little brush up on our swing. Visit the golf shop at Old Hawthorne for your new set!

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An Introduction to Golf Etiquette

Three male golfers on green, one holds the flag, other two high-five

5 Tips Every Beginner Golfer Needs

So you’ve just gotten your first golf club membership at the Club at Old Hawthorne — the best country club not only in Columbia but also Mid-Missouri. You’re in the rich care of Old Hawthorne professional golfers and will enjoy our immaculately maintained course. Before you take your cart out, here are some tips to help you maintain your professionalism with your colleagues and friends.

  1. Show up 15 to 20 minutes early to your tee-time. Golf is a relaxing sport with a rich heritage — allow yourself time to check-in, practice your putting, and hit the range. You should be relaxed. Don’t be the one parking and showing up cold to the course directly at tee-time — five to 10 minutes is a great time to be at least within eyeshot of the starter. 
  2. Follow the “farthest from the hole hits first” rule. Keeping track of the order of your colleagues can be difficult at first, but after the primary shot is made, let whoever is the farthest away from the hole shoot first. Regardless if it’s in the green or not.
  3. Don’t talk to your friends or colleagues while they’re hitting. Golf is a game of precision and skill, so although course conversations can be filled with charisma, your friend will appreciate your pause and respect for their concentration. 
  4. Watch your colleague lines. Keep a special eye on the line between the other players’ ball and the hole, especially if it’s on the green. Golf greens are impressionable, and your feet leave prints that could inhibit your friend’s putt. Be aware and walk around. 
  5. Stop apologizing for yourself! Everyone was a beginner at first, and all the players still remember what it was like when they first stepped on the course. The game is hard, and it’s good to recognize that. It’s okay to laugh at yourself and celebrate the precise shots. You’re outdoors with your friends and are investing in an age-old sport, smile!
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5 Reasons Fall is the Best Time a Year for Golf

Golf green surrounded by mature trees

Wouldn’t it be great if we could comfortably golf all year round like they do at the beach resorts? It’s no secret Mid-Missouri has some pretty harsh winters and summers, but you don’t need to escape to the coasts for some great golfing weather; autumn is the perfect time to come to Old Hawthorne and get a couple of rounds in. Here’s why we feel that fall is the best time for golf in Missouri.

  1. You Can Relax on the Course!
    We all know Missouri weather is temperamental — some fall days can be just as warm and sunny as any day in June or July, but on the course, you don’t have to deal with packed holes in front of and behind you. You’ll get some more time to enjoy your round at your pace and admire the great scenery at Old Hawthorne, especially with the leaves changing. 
  2. Your Game is in Top Shape
    Chances are, you’ve been golfing all summer, and now you’re really hitting your stride, so why stop now? Playing in the fall when you’re in peak shape can push your golf game to places you’ve never been before. This also means less downtime before you start over in the spring again. 
  3. The Greens are in Great Condition
    Our course has undergone a full season of pampering by our grounds team. Not to mention, all grass gets a growth spurt in the fall months, so come enjoy lush greens after a season of grooming and maintenance, without all the people that summer brings.
  4. It’s Perfect Weather
    Missouri summers will have you sweating the moment you step off your golf cart — even the best sportswear can’t stop the summer heat. Some days can be crisp, but it’s a welcome change from the brutal heat and humidity from just a couple of weeks ago. It’s the perfect time to bring out your new golf wear that never sees the greens because it’s always just too hot in the summer months.
  5. Some Days, It’s a Brand New Course
    That brisk autumn wind can work in your favor by making short holes seem long and long holes seem short. A windy day is perfect for challenging yourself to test your knowledge and skills. Some days, when the wind brings a slight chill, you can warm up in the clubhouse with a hot cider or coffee while watching football, instead of the usual cold beer or soda. But we’ll still have the cold beer and soda, just in case. 

There’s nothing better than a quick round or two of golf with friends at Old Hawthorne, no matter the season. With less attendance in the fall, there’s more flexibility with tee times and your pace of play. You really can enjoy the game, work on improving your skills, and enjoy the amazing scenery at Old Hawthorne.

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To Be (A Member) or Not To Be

Social at Old Hawthorne Golf Club in Columbia MO

As an avid golfer, it’s important to have a golf facility that you can tee off at after a long day of work  or as weekend activity with family and friends. Time on the green, however, can get expensive if you don’t have a membership that works for your budget and schedule.

If you’re looking at a golf membership at The Club at Old Hawthorne, you might be pondering which type of membership is best for you and your wallet, or if you should opt out of a membership and simply play a round here and there. 

The short answer? Get a membership — a membership at The Club will save you money in the long haul. As a guest, you are permitted to play up to six rounds of golf a year. With any of our golf memberships, you can play as many rounds as you would like, there’s no limit.

If you’re playing as a guest at The Club, a $65 fee is charged to be paid by the guest, or the member the guest is accompanying. While this fee does seem minute, investing in a golf membership at The Club will allow you to swing on the green more than six times a year (put that $390 towards a membership instead). 

We have several different membership options available at The Club. Now all you have to do is find which one is right for you and your budget. From Corporate to Local Golf, we have a variety of options for you to choose from. Do you (and your wallet) a favor and claim your member today before they’re filled.

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Your Dream Partnership

Men on golf course green shaking hands

Are you looking for more reasons as to why you should get a golf membership? Well, look no further. Your membership can be beneficial to your business. The Club at Old Hawthorne has several amenities to take your potential clients or partners out to persuade them to work with you, but the best deals can be made right on the golf course.

To Land Your New Client

The golf course at The Club features five sets of tees that can accommodate all skill levels. Take your client onto the easy courses for a relaxed game as you discuss the future you two can have together, or impress them with your Arnold Palmer-like skills with a challenging course.

Taking your business deals to the golf course is a great way to work without distractions. It allows you to get to know one another in a relaxed environment, so discussing business won’t be as stressful. If you or your new golf partner needs help with a shot, you can work together to successfully land the ball into the hole. This teamwork can not only help develop a strong business relationship, but a friend for you as well.

Men on golf course green shaking hands

To Bond With Your Team

Not only is the golf course a great place to conduct business, but it’s also a great way to bond with your whole team. Grab your co-workers and head out to the course after a long work day to blow off some steam and strengthen the relationship of the team.

To Climb The Corporate Ladder

You know the saying: “It’s all about who you know.” Time on the golf course can help you network. You can build new connections that could lead to a new friendship, a business deal, or you can meet more people climbing the corporate ladder. The possibilities (and the fun) are endless.

Once you’ve completed your game, celebrate with some drinks — we have those too.

Are you ready to make your business deal? Get your golf membership at The Club today. But you better hurry, memberships are going quick, and you don’t want to miss out on yours.

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