Make Your Equipment Last

Tips on storing your golf equipment the right way for a longer lifespan.

It’s crucial to handle your golfing equipment with care. If stored properly, you can keep golf clubs and golf balls for years and save in the long run. Without the proper storage, your golf equipment could affect your performance when you get back on the green. The best advice is to store your golf equipment in a dry, temperature-controlled location. Additionally, you should always clean and dry your gear before storing them for more than a few days. 

Storing Golf Balls

Pre-Storage: Wash your golf balls with soap and water before drying them with a towel and allowing them to air dry. The golf balls should also be kept in a storage container that breathes.

Where to Store Them: While you may have heard it’s a good idea to store your golf balls in the freezer, extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can harm your equipment. Keep your golf balls in a temperature-controlled location, such as your home. 

Storing Golf Clubs

Day-to-Day Storage: A general rule of thumb when storing your golf clubs is never to keep them in your car. Driving around with the clubs in your car for long periods makes the clubs susceptible to scratches, nicks, and dents. Heat also has adverse effects on your golf clubs. According to Clubmaker Tom Wishon, hot temperatures can cause the epoxy affixing the clubhead onto the shaft to break down over time. Storing your golf clubs in the garage is okay under certain circumstances, such as leaving them in the garage overnight since you’re using them tomorrow or storing them for a couple of days. If your garage tends to build up moisture, it is recommended you keep them in a temperature-controlled environment as high humidity can lead to rust.

Long-Term Storage: If you are storing your golf clubs for several months, make sure you clean the club heads and grips and wipe down the shafts before letting them completely dry. Once they are dry, place the clubs back into the golf bag. You should store golf clubs in a humidity- and temperature-controlled environment. A garage, storage facility, or home is okay as long as it follows these guidelines.

Proper storage is essential to prolong longevity. The best way to store your golf equipment is in a temperature-controlled location.

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Helping Your Child Grow

A look into a few of the developmental benefits of tennis for kids.

Serena Williams and Roger Federer are the most known names in the tennis industry. While their techniques vary considerably, both Williams and Federer are in healthy shape. Additionally, the two professional athletes learned to play tennis from a young age. 

Your child does not have to become the next Grand Slam title winner to enjoy the health and developmental benefits of playing tennis. Learning how to play tennis can be a great benefit to kids’ physical and mental development. Here are the top developmental benefits of tennis for kids. 

  1. Playing tennis builds bone health.

According to the NIH Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases and National Resource Center, tennis is a weight-bearing sport that promotes stronger bone health.

By increasing bone mass in childhood, children are less likely to develop osteoporosis, a disease that causes “bones to become less dense and more prone to fractures.” The NIH Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases and National Resource Center says that by age 18 in girls and 20 in boys, 90% of peak bone mass is acquired. Investing in your kid’s bone health from a young age is a vital determinant in their lifelong skeletal health. 

  1. Playing tennis promotes both anaerobic and aerobic exercise.

Learning how to play tennis from a young age is excellent for the cardiovascular system. According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, “tennis is an aerobic sport, but performance is limited by the response to anaerobic demands.” In other words, tennis promotes both anaerobic and aerobic exercise. 

Playing tennis increases aerobic fitness by training muscles to fatigue at a slower rate during high-performance exercise. Tennis also increases anaerobic fitness by offering short, intense bursts of power. 

  1. Playing tennis improves motor skills.

According to SportsRec, the six components of motor skills related to fitness are agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, and speed. Learning how to play tennis improves the six components of motor skills related to fitness.

Agility and balance are essential in tennis for ball control. Playing tennis teaches hand-eye coordination, gross motor coordination, and fine motor coordination. Power, reaction time, and speed are taught when kids learn how to react and respond to a tennis ball’s movement. 

Your child doesn’t have to be the next Williams or Federer to receive the health benefits of playing tennis. Learning how to play tennis has great developmental and mental benefits for kids. Sign them up for tennis at Old Hawthorne

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What You Need to Know: Student and National Membership

The Club at Old Hawthorne offers various memberships to enrich your golf and country club experience. With over 10 membership packages, the various memberships can cater to your wants and needs as a student, athlete, or retiree. The Club at Old Hawthorne also accommodates memberships to those that travel to the Club from out-of-town. 

Here is what you need to know about the Student and National Memberships at The Club of Old Hawthorne.

Student Membership

The Student Membership is designed for students attending high school or college full time. Those pursuing a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree and are 15 to 24 years of age are eligible for the Student Membership. 

With the Student Membership, members will have access to the Club’s golf, clubhouse, and dining facilities. 

National Membership

The National Membership accommodates those that travel to The Club from out-of-town. National Members live and work outside a 60-mile radius of The Club at Old Hawthorne. The National Membership provides full access to The Club’s golf, clubhouse, and dining facilities.

In a testimonial, National Golf Member Mark Benedetto writes, “Old Hawthorne’s program for out-of-town members may be the best value in the Midwest. The one-time entry fee and modest monthly fee provides the opportunity for membership at a premier club and golf course. Although I live seven hours from Columbia, due to my national membership at Old Hawthorne. I can’t wait to return time and time again.” 

Understanding the different types of memberships available at the Club at Old Hawthorne will only enhance your golf and country club experience since the various memberships cater to your personal and professional needs. To visit Old Hawthorne and take a tour of the facilities available to you, call Chad at (573) 442-528- Ext. 4. You can also request more membership information here. 

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Benefits of Golf Lessons

Why you should consider golf lessons regardless of your skill level.

Whether you’re picking up golf as a new hobby or heading to the putting green for the fifth spring season, individual golf lessons are helpful for both beginner and expert golfers. Lessons allow you to receive one-on-one instruction with a golf pro.

Here are four reasons why you should consider golf lessons depending on your skill level. 

Beginner Golf Lessons

  1. You’re new:  Like any skill, there are techniques golfers must follow to play golf well. As a beginner, it is important to learn correct posture, grip, alignment, and the golf swing. One-on-one instruction from a golf pro will ensure that you have the foundations for building your golf game.
  2. Become familiar with your equipment: There are different types of golf clubs in a golfer’s bag. There are six golf clubs: drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters. Having one-on-one instruction with a golf pro will help you understand which club to use in different situations.
  3. Understand golf course etiquette: From knowing how to dress to understanding where you’re allowed to walk or drive on the course, the game of golf is encoded with standards of etiquette. Taking golf lessons can help you learn golf etiquette so you can keep yourself and others safe. 
  4. Understand how to keep score: The scoring system in golf is unique to that of most sports. On the golf course, each hole is assigned a number of shots that a player should finish in. Understanding the terminology of par 3, par 4, or par 5 and how many shots make a bogey or double bogey is important to know. Additionally, it is crucial to understand that success is determined by the lower number or the least amount of shots taken on a hole or round. One-on-one instruction will give you a basis for understanding golf terminology and scoring.

Expert Golf Lessons

  1. Break bad habits you have formed over the years: By taking golf lessons, golf pros act as a second pair of eyes, examining your technique and finding bad habits you have developed over the years. Addressing these bad habits can help improve your game and minimize the risk of injury. 
  2. Your game plateaus: Like most sports, a golfer may hit a certain point where their game stops improving. Taking individualized lessons can help improve your golf game when you stop seeing improvement. Golf pros can teach you how to increase your endurance and help you learn the mental game of golf.
  3. Sharpen every aspect of your golf game: Once you have broken the bad habits you have formed over the years, increased your endurance, and learned the mental game of golf, golf lessons can help you sharpen the rest of your golf game. An instructor may make your golf game stronger by showing you exercises you can do to have a more powerful and accurate golf shot or improve your shot from six feet and in. 
  4. Improve your overall consistency: Golf lessons can be an excellent way to improve your overall consistency. Instructors may develop a specific plan, picking a specific target in the distance. Other drills your instructor may use include the Clock Putting Drill or 1-2-3 Putting Drill, which will improve your putting stroke consistency.
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A Trip to Old Hawthorne’s Fitness Center

As the winter weather settles in, golfing outdoors can be uncomfortable, but you can still get your workout done in our Fitness Center.

The brisk winter weather is upon us, and on these cold, gloomy days, heading outside for a game of golf is probably the last thing on your to-do list. But just because the cold weather is here doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up in your home — Old Hawthorne has an impressive indoor fitness facility that you can enjoy even on the coldest of days.

Lift Some Weights

Tucked away inside, you’ll find a beautiful Fitness Center equipped with all of the equipment you need to work out your muscles. In the Fitness Center, you will find various-sized dumbbells, bars, and weight machines so you can bench press whatever amount you feel comfortable with, and of course, you’ll also find weighted medicine balls — the perfect tool to give your squats a push. 

Get The Heart Rate Up

If cardio is what you want to focus on, then the Fitness Center at Old Hawthorne has you covered, too. In the Fitness Center, you will find rows of elliptical machines and treadmills available for you to get your heart rate up, or to take your daily walk in the warmth.

Take a Class

One of the best ways to get active, especially if you struggle with finding the motivation to work out alone, is to take a fitness class. At Old Hawthorne, we offer rotating complementary and specialty classes. These classes are currently held on Zoom due to social distancing and COVID precautions. So if you’re ready to begin working out, sign up! It’s a great way to get active and meet new members of The Club. If working out in a group isn’t your thing, our fitness director also offers personal training sessions, too.

Once you’re done with your workout, you can rinse and refresh in our upscale locker rooms. 

Just because the cold weather has settled in doesn’t mean you have to halt your workouts. Stop by the Fitness Center at Old Hawthorne today and start getting prepared for the next golf season.

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A Place of Friendships

There are so many ways to meet new people and make new friends at Old Hawthorne — get a look at what our social scene has to offer.

Whether you’re on the green or enjoying a drink at happy hour, The Club at Old Hawthorne is a great place to meet new people, spark new friendships, and foster your relationships. And with the social and dining scene at Old Hawthorne, you’ll always have something to do and someone new to meet.

Get a Membership for The Wine Society

If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur, then The Wine Society is the place for you. This program is made for members who love wine and want to meet and socialize with fellow wine lovers. The Wine Society meets every quarter to sample new wines and purchase them at a discounted rate, and, even better, you get to indulge in great appetizers made special by our talented Executive Chef. Wine Society members get first access to all Wine Dinners including club favorite, The Progressive Wine Dinner, which sold out in less than 2 minutes this year.

You’ll make so many new connections through The Wine Society that the quarterly meetings won’t come soon enough, but if you want to spend time with your new friends sooner, we have you covered for that, too. Just come to happy hour!

Hang Out at Happy Hour

One of the easiest ways to meet new people is simply through getting a drink together, and we have you covered on that end. Every Wednesday through Saturday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., you can enjoy happy hour drinks with your friends and meet new people to include in your crew. Each day has a different theme, so if you enjoy draft beers, wines, and well liquor, happy hour is the perfect time for you.

There are so many ways you can meet new people and create long-lasting friendships at Old Hawthorne. So what are you waiting for? Drop by Old Hawthorne today and start creating these friendships over a nice glass of your favorite draft beer or wine. For more information about becoming a member at Old Hawthorne, contact us today!

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New Year, New Membership

Why you should join Old Hawthorne this new year.

The new year is upon us, and what better way to kick off a prosperous year than with a new membership to Old Hawthorne. From our state-of-the art golf course to The Wine Society for wine connoisseurs, The Club at Old Hawthorne has something for everyone and every interest. 

Golfing in January

As we all know, Mid-Missouri weather can be unpredictable, and those nice days that we are graced with in January shall not be wasted hiding indoors! Instead, grab your golf clubs and head to our course or top-rated golf facility to practice your game. 

The Wine Society

If you consider yourself a wine enthusiast, then The Wine Society is for you. This program allows wine enthusiasts to sample, socialize, and snack with other wine connoisseurs every quarter. And if you find a wine you enjoy, a membership with The Wine Society can allow you to buy a bottle or two at a discounted rate.

Break a Sweat

The fitness center at Old Hawthorne is fully equipped with all of the equipment you need to fulfill your new goals of working out. With free weights, ellipticals, treadmills, and weight machines, after a trip to the fitness center at Old Hawthorne, you’ll leave feeling your best. As a member, you can also enjoy specialty classes and personal training classes with our fitness director! And of course, after you’re finished with your workout, you can shower off in our upscale locker rooms.

A Great Place for Friends

Making new friends outside of the workplace can be a challenge. So many of our members have befriended each other as they relax by the poolside, sample wines at The Wine Society meetings, or as they break a sweat in our specialty fitness classes. Old Hawthorne is a place of community and friendship.

Start this new year off right with a membership at Old Hawthorne. If you’re interested in a membership, call us today at 573-442-5280 ext. 5000 for more information.

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The Best Cold Weather Golfing Gear

One of the best things about golf is that you can play pretty much the entire year — as long as there aren’t puddles of rain or piles of snow on the ground. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your game even with a drop in temperature. We’ve compiled a list of the must-have gear to keep playing comfortably this winter.

  1. Keep your upper body warm with layers. We recommend dry-fit pullovers. They keep both water and wind off of your body while also providing a thin enough layer to still comfortably move around. These pullovers can go over or under other layers, making them perfect for adding more warmth when needed. These pullovers are comfortable and sleek to wear on and off the course.
  2. Consider cold weather trousers. While many golfers will add layers to the upper body, wearing more than one pair of pants while golfing can mess up your swing and cause discomfort throughout the game. This doesn’t mean that you should just leave your legs to deal with the elements, however. Many of your favorite golfing apparel brands make specialty insulated golf pants just for winter golf, and many have features such as water and wind-resistance.
  3. Two gloves are better than one. Winter golf gloves come in pairs, and many people wear both to make sure they can maintain full mobility for their best swing. These gloves are also fleece-lined and water-resistant to keep the worst parts of winter out. Wearing two gloves may take some time to get used to, so make sure you test out this strategy at home first. Many golfers also bring Hot Hands in their bags for when they need an extra boost to stay warm for the rest of your game.
  4. Don’t forget your golf socks! Keeping your feet warm starts with a good pair of wool socks. Having cold or wet feet, especially if walking the course to stay warm, is one of the worst feelings. Waterproof golf shoes can be a splurge but may make or break your winter golf season. Merino wool socks are lightweight and breathable but still provide warmth throughout the day. Merino wool is durable and sure to last you through the winter season. 
  5. Accessories can make or break your experience. Many golf accessories can improve your warmth throughout the day, like a winter cap to keep your ears and head warm while staying out of your way or a slim vest to provide another layer to your midsection while not disrupting your shoulder turn mid-swing. Some golfers prefer a fabric hand warmer or a scarf for extra insulation. Many of these get added into the rotation when the weather dips even lower but aren’t pulled out at the beginning of the season.

The difference in preparation varies with each season, but no matter what the weather is, you should still be hydrating before and after every game you play. When the weather gets colder, you’ll be more prone to injuries, so don’t forget warm-up exercises while packing all your cold-weather gear. 

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It’s Time for Winter Golf

How to stay on top of your golf game as the cold weather approaches Mid-Missouri.

The brisk, Mid-Missouri winter air is upon us. But just because the days of sunny skies and warm temperatures are past doesn’t mean you have to put your golf gear away for the winter. The winter months are actually a great time to have a quiet time on the green and work on perfecting your technique when the season picks up again in the spring. Here are some tips for how you can keep up with your game even in the coldest of months.

Come Prepared

First and foremost, you’ve got to come to the green prepared for anything. Being located in Mid-Missouri means we see all types of weather throughout the day. When you’re heading to Old Hawthorne for a little winter golf, make sure you have clothing for all of the seasons. To have a successful winter season, it’s important to wear layers so the bulky fabrics of a heavy coat or hoodie don’t mess up your swing, so leave the big coats at home. To ensure the cold doesn’t mess with your technique, wear a turtleneck, beanie, and thick socks, so you don’t risk any shivers ruining your perfect swing.

Don’t Forget to Warm Up

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you should skip the warm-up. Spend some time on the hitting range to warm up and avoid any injuries. You can also do some stretches at home before you come to the course to further avoid any injuries and to get your blood flowing.

New Season, New Rules

Golfing in the winter is different from golfing during the warmer months, so to keep on top of your game, make sure you know the proper etiquette of golfing in the winter. With snow and moisture on the ground, the game can be sloppy, so brush up on the rules alone and with your partners to ensure you’re on the same page.

Are you ready to perfect your winter golf game? Don’t wait any longer — claim your golf membership at Old Hawthorne today!

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A Look into Old Hawthorne’s Practice Facility

Why you should choose Old Hawthorne’s nationally-ranked facility to practice your golf swing.

There’s so many beautiful golf courses and country clubs around Mid-Missouri that are great to tee off at. But if you want to tee off at the best, then you need to come to Old Hawthorne. We’re not just saying that either — our 22-acre practice facility is nationally ranked.

For eight straight years, the practice facility at Old Hawthorne has received a top 50 rating from the Golf Range Association of America. And for good reason too — if we say so ourselves. The beautiful and well-kempt green is a complete golf practice range, so you can practice any and all aspects of your game to prepare for your next match, or to just blow off some steam.

If you’re looking for a chipping green, putting green, or a wedge area, we have you covered. Because like we said, our 22-acres is here to help you have the best game possible — besides, it’s not a nationally ranked facility for nothing. 

Even if you’re a novice player, the practice facility is still for you. Taught and led by PGA Head Golf Professional, Kevin Stull, golf lessons at Old Hawthorne are just as stress-free as playing a game on the green. We all have to start somewhere, and being surrounded by advanced players can be intimidating. So as you learn how to perfect your swing, you can be away from the public hitting areas and in your own private teaching area with your coach and other novice players. 

We offer multiple different types of lessons. We offer private lessons, so you can have one-on-one coaching in a judgement-free environment. We offer junior lessons, so your little ones can become a pro on the green. And we offer group golf lessons, so you can take your family, friends, or office down to the green to learn a thing or two about their game and bond in the process.

When you’re shopping around for a practice facility, check out Old Hawthorne. Our practice facility is the best around, and it’s all for you. Contact us today to see how you can get your membership started.

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