Upgrades You Can Make to Your Golf Gear Right Now

Summer is prime golf season for many of us, with long days and warm temperatures providing plenty of opportunities to get out on the course. But those frequent, long days spent on the links may mean you’re due for a few updates. Here are six upgrades you can make to your golf gear right now:

  1. A New Grip

During the summertime, heat, sweat, oil, and dirt leave your hands and enter a grip’s pores, causing natural degradation. The traction that a fresh grip provides means increased traction and comfort and less tension in your hands, resulting in smoother swings. Ultimately, all of these benefits lead to lower scores and more enjoyable golf.

  1. New Golf Balls

While professional players replace their golf balls a half dozen times per round, a good rule of thumb when deciding if it’s time for you to invest in new golf balls is to look for any scuff marks. A golf ball with a scuff mark can vary offline by as much as 10 yards over a 100-yard distance. You should also consider investing in new golf balls if you don’t use the same model of ball every time you play. The more you play the same ball, the better feel you will have for how it performs.

  1. A New Pair of Golf Shoes

The loss of traction — you feel yourself slipping during your stroke or while walking the course — is the most glaring sign that you need to update your golf shoes. Other signs include worn-out insoles or uppers that have lost their waterproof or water-resistant qualities.

  1. A New Pair of Golf Gloves

If you spent a lot of time on the course this summer, you’re most likely due for an upgrade on golf gloves. On average, golf gloves last anywhere between five and 10 rounds. The most obvious sign that you need a new pair of gloves is when there is a hole in your pair, but also watch out for when the glove no longer fits properly or has lost its texture.

  1. A New Golf Bag

Your golf bag is like your loyal companion. It’s never out of sight. It also keeps your golf possessions safe, organized, and relatively clean. Today, there are so many options — golf bags are offered in every color and style (cart, walking, stand, staff, carry, etc.). 

  1. A New Golf Towel

On a hot summer day, a towel serves to remove the sweat from your hands and face or to wipe down the grip of a club before taking a shot. You may also use a towel for cleaning a dirty club or drying a wet golf ball. Because of its versatility, you’re due for an upgrade.

The good news? The Golf Shop at the Club at Old Hawthorne has everything you need. From stocking the latest in equipment to featuring the highest golf fashion, we strive to provide the best merchandise with first-class customer service. Visit our website or stop in today.

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The Community of Old Hawthorne

Supporting mid-Missouri associations and organizations year round.

The community of Old Hawthorne not only strives to make The Club at Old Hawthorne a fantastic place to connect, but also to do the same for the city of Columbia. That’s why our members support the Columbia communities where they work, play, and live by making donations and volunteering their time. The community of Old Hawthorne understands that to be part of the community, you have to give back to the community.

Here is how The community of Old Hawthorne has supported various community projects as well as associations and organizations like Love Inc., The Red Cross, Clean Up Columbia, Great Circle, and Almeta Crayton’s Community Programs. 

Love Columbia

Love Columbia is a nonprofit that helps disadvantaged people get on their feet and make their way toward independence and self-reliability. Love Columbia operates The Love Seat, the organization’s resale store. The Love Seat takes donations from the community and makes those donations available to families in need.

In April 2021, The Club at Old Hawthorne hosted a furniture drive supporting The Love Seat. The community of Old Hawthorne placed their donations in their driveways or open garages before The Love Seat trucks made their way around the neighborhoods at 9 a.m. Our members contributed two full trucks of donations to The Love Seat.

The Red Cross

The community of Old Hawthorne rolls up its sleeves and donates time, money, and blood to the Red Cross. The Club at Old Hawthorne hosts Red Cross Blood Drives throughout the year. Annually, The community of Old Hawthorne contributes about 70 donations, which is enough to save up to 210 lives.

Great Circle

Great Circle is an agency that provides a spectrum of behavioral health services to children and families. To support the agency, The Club at Old Hawthorne has a holiday gift tree during the holidays. This past year, The community of Old Hawthorne provided gifts for nearly 120 children for the holidays.

Almeta Crayton’s Community Programs

Almeta Crayton’s Community Programs is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the outreach, support, and building of community within Mid-Missouri. Every year, the nonprofit puts on its “Everybody Eats” event providing a Thanksgiving meal to families in need. The Club at Old Hawthorne raises $1,800 on average for Everybody Eats in addition to providing 60 turkeys for families on Thanksgiving. 

Clean Up Columbia

2021 marked the 25th anniversary of Clean Up Columbia — a program created with the intention of keeping Columbia clean. Volunteers work along Columbia streets, trails, streams and parks throughout the month for this city-wide litter pick up event. The Club at Old Hawthorne participated in this years event — our members and staff picked up trash along Rolling Hills and Highway WW.

Philanthropic initiatives are a big part of our mission at The Club at Old Hawthorne. Give us a call today!

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How Our Limited Golf Memberships Can Cater to Your Country Club Needs

Even if you don’t want unlimited access to a golf course, there are all sorts of ways to enjoy the privileges of membership at The Club at Old Hawthorne. One way is through our limited golf memberships.

The limited golf membership, which is available in both single and family formats, provides members full use of our 22-acre practice facility, locker rooms, meeting rooms, dining areas, fitness center, racquet facility, and resort-style swimming pool. Members with the limited golf family membership can play 40 rounds of golf for the membership year, while those with the limited golf single membership may play up to 25 rounds of golf. In the case that you want to spend more time on the green, limited golf members can purchase additional rounds by paying the applicable green and cart fees. 

To further enhance your membership, the limited golf plan also allows members to participate in all golf tournaments except for member-guest and member-member events and club championships. Members can also book tee times up to five days in advance and are afforded guest privileges.

Our limited golf memberships are perfect for those who want to enjoy the privileges of membership but don’t need unlimited access to the golf course. To visit Old Hawthorne and take a tour of the facilities available to you, call Chad at (573) 442-5280 ext. 4. You can also request more membership information here.

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Your All-In-One Guide to Fun at The Club at Old Hawthorne This Summer

It’s June, and those sun-filled, breezy summer days are finally here. The pandemic may have put a damper on summer events last year, but thankfully, that’s not the case this year. If you’re looking for activities and things to do, don’t fret — the June to September season at The Club at Old Hawthorne promises a safe and fun-filled summer. 


Weekly Leagues

If you’re looking for opportunities to play golf and hone your golf skills weekly, The Club at Old Hawthorne offers weekly golf leagues perfect for you.

Ladies can participate in two leagues. First, the Ladies’ League meets Tuesday morning during the golf season. Those who are new to the sport or looking to play a short round of golf can participate in the nine hole group, while those interested in playing 18 holes can take advantage of the 18 hole group. Ladies’ Golf Night is the second weekly league available to women. This nine hole event meets Wednesday evenings and is perfect for new and experienced golfers alike.

Men can participate in the Men’s Stag Night league. This league meets Thursday evenings during golf season and can be played in teams and as an individual. Men 60 and older can participate in the POPs (Past Our Prime) Senior Men’s League, which meets on Wednesdays and is played in organized games. 


Those looking to play golf every now and then can take advantage of our golf events spread throughout the summer. In July, the club hosts our Flag Day event, the Junior Club Championship, The Derby, and The Club Championship.


Events like Courts and Cocktails allow members to take advantage of our beautiful tennis courts without needing to learn how to play strategically. For those interested in developing skills to help you play competitively, The Club at Old Hawthorne offers weekly leagues and clinics. These include Cardio Tennis, Ladies’ Nights, Men’s Nights, Serve and Play, Tennis in No Time, and more.

To register for these events and clinics, use the Fortees app or the club calendar. You can also email tennis@oldhawthorne.com with any questions. 


In addition to the Old Hawthorne Barracudas Swim Team, which meets May 27 through July 9, the club offers pool events and activities to all members. In July, the club will host its 4th of July Splash Bash, Pina Colada Day, and Margaritaville. Our Pull the Plug Splash Bash and Puppy Plunge events will happen in September. 


Social events, such as our Independence Day Parade in July, happen year-round, with many being hosted in the summer months. Register for social events like Paint and Sip, Rockin’ on the Range, and Progressive Wine Dinner on the Fortees app or Club calendar.

The Club at Old Hawthorne also offers clubs and groups for members to find a community. Some of these clubs and groups include the Wine Society, Trivia, Boozy Bingo, POPS Poker, Canasta, and more. For more information, email victor@oldhawthorne.com. 


The Club at Old Hawthorne has as much to offer its young members as it does its older ones. Children can partake in tennis and golf clinics and camps and schedule private lessons with an instructor. They can also join the swim team or take private lessons. One of our favorite programs offered to juniors during the summer is Camp Old Hawthorne. Organized through K-E Camps, an organization that hosts camps through 150 country clubs in the United States, campers have the opportunity to use Old Hawthorne facilities like the pool and parts of the golf course. Camp Old Hawthorne is being offered in four weekly sessions starting July 12 and ending August 2.

The Club at Old Hawthorne has something for everyone and every interest this summer. In addition to our weekly leagues and events, The Club at Old Hawthorne also offers a 22-acre golf practice facility, a fully-equipped fitness center, four tennis and pickleball courts, and a resort-style swimming pool. 

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Beat the Heat – Five Things to Keep in Your Golf Bag to Beat Summer Temperatures.

While summer is a great time to play golf, long days spent on the course in the heat of the sun can take their toll. Here are five things to keep in your golf bag to help you beat the Missouri summer heat:

  1. Snacks

Because you use a lot of energy on the golf course, you must replace it. Be sure to pack snacks in your golf bag to help sustain your energy throughout 18 holes. Some snacks to pack for an optimal round of golf include bananas, trail mix, granola bars, and beef jerky. Stop by the snack and fill your bags with snacks either before you play or at the turn.

  1. Sunscreen

Be sure to keep plenty of sunscreen in your golf bag to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Golf experts recommend reapplying your sunscreen at the turn (after nine holes).

  1. Sunglasses and golf hats

Not only are UV rays harmful to your skin, but they can also be harmful to your eyes and head. In addition to using sunscreen, using other sun blockers such as a golf hat or sunglasses will further protect your skin. Don’t have a golf hat yet? Visit the Pro shop and get one before your next round. 

  1. Water

If you want to play your best, maintaining proper hydration is important. Be sure to hydrate yourself days in advance properly. On the course, drink plenty of water. (It can also be helpful to alternate between water and sports drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade to return electrolytes to the body.)

  1. Towel (or maybe two)

Golf towels absorb moisture, which can be helpful when sweat builds up on your clubs or hands — a dry wipe-down with your towel can help improve your grip on your club. On a hot day, it may be helpful to change your towel after nine holes, in addition to reapplying sunscreen.

While you can keep a variety of items in your golf bag to help you beat the summer heat, there are additional steps you can take before even stepping foot on the course. You can wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothes with moisture-wicking technology to keep you from getting bogged down by heavy, sweaty clothing. Drinking plenty of fluids days in advance will also ensure your body performs at optimal levels during your round. 

By keeping these five items in your golf bag and taking precautions before you arrive at the club, you can make sure you beat the Missouri heat.

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Summer Days at Old Hawthorne

Five reasons you should send your children to summer camp at Old Hawthorne. 

Every summer, kids flock to camp at The Club at Old Hawthorne for an experience of a lifetime. Summer camp can be a fun getaway for kids to help fill the time during school break, and the benefits of sending a child to summer camp are numerous. Here’s how summer camp at The Club at Old Hawthorne can benefit your child for years to come. 

  1. Support Healthy Living

Between swimming, playing golf and tennis, and all sorts of other activities, camp programs at The Club of Old Hawthorne encourage physical activity. At camp, children are encouraged to participate in all kinds of new, fun ways to stay active. Though kids may see these as just fun and games, our camp programs provide ways to get great exercise, which is important to establish at a young age so children can carry those exercise habits into adulthood.

  1. Develop Lifelong Skills

Summer camp nurtures lifelong skills that are important in the real world. For instance, during group activities, a child learns how to work on a team and communicate with other children. Kids may also develop resilience after facing an obstacle and learning how to overcome it, or a child may take on a leadership role for the first time during a group activity.

  1. Gain Self-Esteem

Summer camp offers a unique experience to children: The ability to be away from their parents for a short period. Just being on their own is a huge confidence builder for children, as they have to make decisions and solve problems themselves.Children are also more likely to realize how capable they are of learning and growing as they learn how to swim and play golf and tennis. 

  1. Create Friendships

Summer camp gives children a unique opportunity to meet other kids with similar interests and make new friends with different backgrounds. Because children spend hours upon hours with one another, friendships made during summer camp are genuine and long-lasting.  

  1. Have Fun!

At The Club at Old Hawthorne, we offer a once-in-a-lifetime summer camp experience. Odds are, your kids are going to love it. For that reason alone, it’s worth sending them to camp! Our first session is in July, to learn more or register, click here.

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Summer State of Mind at Old Hawthorne

Why Old Hawthorne is the perfect place for your family this summer.

Those sun-filled, breezy days are right around the corner, and you’ll soon be looking for activities and things to do this summer. From our state-of-the-art golf course to our resort-style swimming pool, The Club at Old Hawthorne has something for everyone and every interest.

Spend Days on the Green

With a 22-acre practice facility and an 18-hole golf course, it’s easy to spend days on end on the green (or trying to get to the green). If you’re looking for a chipping green, putting green, or wedge area, we have you covered. If you’re a novice player, our PGA head golf professional, Kevin Stull, teaches golf lessons that will help you perfect your swing. The Club at Old Hawthorne offers private lessons so that you can have one-on-one coaching as well as junior classes, so you can introduce your kids to the game, and group lessons, so you can take your family down to the green. 

Break a Sweat

The fitness center at Old Hawthorne is fully equipped with all of the equipment you need to reach your fitness goals for the summer. With free weights, ellipticals, treadmills, and weight machines, you’ll leave feeling your best after a workout. As a member at The Club at Old Hawthorne, you will also be able to take specialty and personal training classes with our fitness director. If you plan to spend the day at the club, you can even shower in our upscale locker rooms after your workout. 

Swim It Out or Relax by the Pool

Whether you enjoy sitting by the pool, exercising with lap swimming, or spending the day in the sun with your family, Old Hawthorne is the place for you. Our resort-style swimming pool features a four-lane infinity pool with a zero-entry kids area complete with water features. Old Hawthorne’s aquatics program offers swim lessons for members as young as 4 years old and hosts Margaritaville, dine-in movies, monthly Splash Bashes, the Puppy Plunge, and more. Our swimming pool is the perfect place to spend a sunny Missouri summer!

Make a Racket on the Tennis or Pickleball Courts

The Club at Old Hawthorne has four tennis and pickleball courts. You can spend your summer playing a few games with your family or sign up to take lessons or clinics with our tennis and pickleball director. We also have great tennis social events such as Tipsy Tennis & Glow Pickleball. 

Dine in with your Family

After a long summer’s day, the Club at Old Hawthorne has you covered. Dine-in at Old Hawthorne for brunch, lunch, or dinner. Adults can take advantage of Happy Hour Tuesdays through Saturdays or join the Wine Society, an excellent program for members that love wine and want to socialize with other wine enthusiasts. 

Whether you’re hitting up the course, the pool, or someplace else, your summer days are bound to be bright at The Club at Old Hawthorne. 

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Make Your Equipment Last

Tips on storing your golf equipment the right way for a longer lifespan.

It’s crucial to handle your golfing equipment with care. If stored properly, you can keep golf clubs and golf balls for years and save in the long run. Without the proper storage, your golf equipment could affect your performance when you get back on the green. The best advice is to store your golf equipment in a dry, temperature-controlled location. Additionally, you should always clean and dry your gear before storing them for more than a few days. 

Storing Golf Balls

Pre-Storage: Wash your golf balls with soap and water before drying them with a towel and allowing them to air dry. The golf balls should also be kept in a storage container that breathes.

Where to Store Them: While you may have heard it’s a good idea to store your golf balls in the freezer, extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can harm your equipment. Keep your golf balls in a temperature-controlled location, such as your home. 

Storing Golf Clubs

Day-to-Day Storage: A general rule of thumb when storing your golf clubs is never to keep them in your car. Driving around with the clubs in your car for long periods makes the clubs susceptible to scratches, nicks, and dents. Heat also has adverse effects on your golf clubs. According to Clubmaker Tom Wishon, hot temperatures can cause the epoxy affixing the clubhead onto the shaft to break down over time. Storing your golf clubs in the garage is okay under certain circumstances, such as leaving them in the garage overnight since you’re using them tomorrow or storing them for a couple of days. If your garage tends to build up moisture, it is recommended you keep them in a temperature-controlled environment as high humidity can lead to rust.

Long-Term Storage: If you are storing your golf clubs for several months, make sure you clean the club heads and grips and wipe down the shafts before letting them completely dry. Once they are dry, place the clubs back into the golf bag. You should store golf clubs in a humidity- and temperature-controlled environment. A garage, storage facility, or home is okay as long as it follows these guidelines.

Proper storage is essential to prolong longevity. The best way to store your golf equipment is in a temperature-controlled location.

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Helping Your Child Grow

A look into a few of the developmental benefits of tennis for kids.

Serena Williams and Roger Federer are the most known names in the tennis industry. While their techniques vary considerably, both Williams and Federer are in healthy shape. Additionally, the two professional athletes learned to play tennis from a young age. 

Your child does not have to become the next Grand Slam title winner to enjoy the health and developmental benefits of playing tennis. Learning how to play tennis can be a great benefit to kids’ physical and mental development. Here are the top developmental benefits of tennis for kids. 

  1. Playing tennis builds bone health.

According to the NIH Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases and National Resource Center, tennis is a weight-bearing sport that promotes stronger bone health.

By increasing bone mass in childhood, children are less likely to develop osteoporosis, a disease that causes “bones to become less dense and more prone to fractures.” The NIH Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases and National Resource Center says that by age 18 in girls and 20 in boys, 90% of peak bone mass is acquired. Investing in your kid’s bone health from a young age is a vital determinant in their lifelong skeletal health. 

  1. Playing tennis promotes both anaerobic and aerobic exercise.

Learning how to play tennis from a young age is excellent for the cardiovascular system. According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, “tennis is an aerobic sport, but performance is limited by the response to anaerobic demands.” In other words, tennis promotes both anaerobic and aerobic exercise. 

Playing tennis increases aerobic fitness by training muscles to fatigue at a slower rate during high-performance exercise. Tennis also increases anaerobic fitness by offering short, intense bursts of power. 

  1. Playing tennis improves motor skills.

According to SportsRec, the six components of motor skills related to fitness are agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, and speed. Learning how to play tennis improves the six components of motor skills related to fitness.

Agility and balance are essential in tennis for ball control. Playing tennis teaches hand-eye coordination, gross motor coordination, and fine motor coordination. Power, reaction time, and speed are taught when kids learn how to react and respond to a tennis ball’s movement. 

Your child doesn’t have to be the next Williams or Federer to receive the health benefits of playing tennis. Learning how to play tennis has great developmental and mental benefits for kids. Sign them up for tennis at Old Hawthorne

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What You Need to Know: Student and National Membership

The Club at Old Hawthorne offers various memberships to enrich your golf and country club experience. With over 10 membership packages, the various memberships can cater to your wants and needs as a student, athlete, or retiree. The Club at Old Hawthorne also accommodates memberships to those that travel to the Club from out-of-town. 

Here is what you need to know about the Student and National Memberships at The Club of Old Hawthorne.

Student Membership

The Student Membership is designed for students attending high school or college full time. Those pursuing a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree and are 15 to 24 years of age are eligible for the Student Membership. 

With the Student Membership, members will have access to the Club’s golf, clubhouse, and dining facilities. 

National Membership

The National Membership accommodates those that travel to The Club from out-of-town. National Members live and work outside a 60-mile radius of The Club at Old Hawthorne. The National Membership provides full access to The Club’s golf, clubhouse, and dining facilities.

In a testimonial, National Golf Member Mark Benedetto writes, “Old Hawthorne’s program for out-of-town members may be the best value in the Midwest. The one-time entry fee and modest monthly fee provides the opportunity for membership at a premier club and golf course. Although I live seven hours from Columbia, due to my national membership at Old Hawthorne. I can’t wait to return time and time again.” 

Understanding the different types of memberships available at the Club at Old Hawthorne will only enhance your golf and country club experience since the various memberships cater to your personal and professional needs. To visit Old Hawthorne and take a tour of the facilities available to you, call Chad at (573) 442-528- Ext. 4. You can also request more membership information here. 

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