Family Fun at Old Hawthorne

Two young boys putting on the Old Hawthorne golf course

Though this summer may not be “life as normal,” Old Hawthorne is trying to make it just as enjoyable as any summer by offering families ways to spend time together outside of their house safely. Many of the precautions implemented by Old Hawthorne are choices that give members the option to decide what they are and are not comfortable doing while at the club. 

Two young boys putting on the Old Hawthorne golf course


Old Hawthorne’s golf courses are still open to its members. Members may now choose if they’d like to ride in a golf cart by themself, or with another member or guest that is not a family member. Golfers can sign up to use the practice ranges for 15 minutes before heading out onto the green. Players can golf as they usually would and have the ability to choose where to leave the flagstick in the hole or remove it at their convenience. Water coolers will also be available throughout the course. 

Tennis + Pickleball

The tennis and pickleball courts are open for clinics and lessons with the Old Hawthorne staff — with only six members to one instructor, and personal lessons are always available. During the time on the court, members can now handle the balls while participating during lessons. 

Fitness Center

Members are expected to clean machines once they are done using them. Cleaning supplies will be provided in the gym, and the fitness center will also be closed from 12 until 1 p.m. for daily deep cleaning. The water fountain will be available in the center for all members to use along with towels. Members will also be able to use mats but are expected to wipe them down before and after use. 


The Old Hawthorne pool is no longer requiring reservations during weekday use, and the capacity has extended to 100 people at a time. Guests are allowed on weekdays at any time of the day. Weekends, however, will continue to require reservations with a 100 person capacity per swim period. Families should only sign up for their own family for the swim period they’d like to attend. No guests will be allowed on weekends. 

Bar & Grill

The dining facilities will also be open to the members of the club. Old Hawthorne asks that before sitting, that guests check-in at the bar or with the hostess. Private events of up to 100 people and under are open for booking. 

While this summer may not be going the way anyone planned, it’s important to find safe and fun ways to spend time with family, and of course, Old Hawthorne is here to help. 

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ClubCorp Benefits

Man taking a shot toward the green at Old Hawthorne golf club

Along with the benefits that The Club at Old Hawthorne members gain by joining, they also receive complimentary access to the ClubCorp Network. 

Man taking a shot toward the green at Old Hawthorne golf club

Types of Memberships

ClubCorp Network is a network that provides club members benefits outside of their home clubs. Old Hawthorne offers two types of memberships: the basic level also referred to as “ClubBenefits,” is included for any Old Hawthorne members with Athletic, Sports/Sports Plus, or Golf memberships. The second type of ClubCorp membership is offered to golf members who can upgrade to the Signature Gold Unlimited membership. 

Basic Level Benefits

Old Hawthorne members have access and privileges to the 300+ clubs that are a part of the ClubCorp network. These benefits can be broken down into four categories: golf, dining/social, athletics, and lifestyle, which members can take advantage of while traveling. 

Golfing benefits include two rounds of golf per club with preferred green fee rates. Members will be able to book tee times up to 14 days in advance and have access to rental clubs — any fees may apply. 

Members can also dine for up to two meals per club per month — menu pricing applies. 

Traveling members will also have access to pools, work out facilities, and tennis/racquetball courts at the clubs that they visit two times per club per month. 

Members will also have access to the best tickets for sporting events, concerts, and theater productions. They will also have exclusive offers as part of the Experience Packages — events like Masters Tournament, the US Open, Super Bowl, and Preferred hotel and resort pricing, to name a few.  

Signature Gold Unlimited Upgrade

Golf members who choose to upgrade their ClubCorp membership will receive more benefits, making traveling seamless and worthwhile. 

Individuals under this membership receive two complimentary green fees per club per month. Unlimited Members can reserve tee times 30 days in advance, and have complimentary use of Taylor Made rentals at any of the ClubCorp represented clubs. 

While dining at out-of-town clubs, these members have the chance to redeem two complimentary four-course meals at any dining, business, and/or social clubs. These members can utilize workspaces in the clubs, and have access to food and drink beyond the two free meals. 

Members will also have two complimentary access passes to pools, athletic facilities, and tennis/racquetball courts per club per month. 


Any members of the Athletic, Sports/Sports Plus, or Golf memberships at The Club at Old Hawthorne will have a complimentary basic-level membership to the benefits the ClubCorp Network offers. 

Golf members who travel often and will utilize the benefits may find upgrading to the premium membership worthwhile. After joining the club, golf members will receive a 30-day open enrollment period where they can decide to upgrade their membership. During this period, the initiation fee will be waived, and only the monthly payment will be required. 

Old Hawthorne’s partnership with the ClubCorp Network allows members to experience the benefits and enjoyments of country clubs while away from home.

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The State of Golf

Father and sons hitting golf balls at Old Hawthorne driving range

Over the last few years, the golf community has seen an influx of players. There has been an increase in diverse junior players who are now taking an interest in the sport. The millennial generation is also taking an interest in golf and they now make up one-third of the golfers in the U.S. These groups of people approach golf for the experience rather than the game itself.

One reason that the game of golf is becoming more popular with younger generations is because of the alternative golf courses, like TopGolf, that have popularized the sport as a fun activity where friends and families can play, drink, and eat all in the same area.

Golf foundations and clubs like the Columbia Golf Foundation make it their goal to help golf become more accessible to youths in their community. They are another big reason why golf is becoming  more popular. By offering summer camps, school programs, and golf clinics, CFG has made golf more approachable and readily available to young aspiring golfers.

Golf offers many benefits for all ages, but for children, it creates good habits and values. Golf gives children an excuse to get outside and be active in the fresh air regularly. Golf is an inclusive sport, as well as accepting any gender, race, or size/height there is unlike most contact sports. Golf is becoming more accessible to those with physical disabilities or handicaps through single rider golf carts that support their rider in a standing position to perfect their swing, or with attachments that help someone handle their clubs.

Golf can also help children develop problem-solving skills as they have to decide what club, swing, and trajectory will best help them achieve a perfect score. These skills can easily be transitioned into bettering their work for school or for problems they want to solve to better their communities.

Because of its accessible nature and the growing technological advances, golf is a great bonding experience for any family looking to spend some fun time together.

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The Club for Kids: Upcoming Events in July

The Club at Old Hawthorne has just as much to offer their young members as it does their older ones. This summer, Old Hawthorne is holding three camps/workshops for the children and grandchildren of their members. 

Junior Golf

Old Hawthorne’s beautiful golf course is probably what it’s best known for, and this summer, children from the ages of 5 to 11 have the chance to experience the course for themselves. Junior Golf Camp offers a friendly environment for its young attendees to learn golf, play games, and allow participants to utilize their new skills while competing for prizes provided by the camp. Campers will be broken up into small groups to help facilitate learning and work as COVID-19 protection. Junior golfers will have lunch provided for them through Old Hawthorne. 

The final Junior Golf Camp begins June 30. To register your child, click here, and make sure you are logged into your membership account on the Old Hawthorne website. 

Junior Tennis

The goal for all junior players is to create skills to help them play competitively. Players will learn how to play strategically, thinking tactically, and overall understanding of tennis point construction. Junior tennis takes place Tuesday through Friday, with the day being split up by players age. Saturdays are match days for junior and high school players. Your child can sign up in one, two, or three week sessions. 

Junior tennis players will also be invited to Kids Fun Nights, which happens every other Friday night. This is a two-hour event involving sports, food, and fun themes for players to participate in. Players also have the chance to win the grand prize of the night through fun games, drills, and team-building exercises. Attendees are asked to bring their own racquet to the event. To sign your child up monthly, email

Camp Old Hawthorne

Camp Old Hawthorne is organized through K-E Camps, an organization that hosts camps throughout 150 country clubs in the United States. Old Hawthorne is happy to offer the camp to the children and grandchildren of members who are between the ages of 5 and 10. 

Campers will have the opportunity to use Old Hawthorne facilities like the pool and parts of the golf course. They have the opportunity to choose between bringing lunch from home or eating at camp provided by the Old Hawthorne Dining facility. All food — including the snacks — offered every day and provided by the club will be considerate about nut allergies. 

Camp Old Hawthorne is being offered in four weekly sessions starting July 13th and ending August 7th. To register your child or for more information, click here

Upcoming events and dates for family fun

Fourth of July

July 1st: 4th of July Parade

July 4th: 4th of July Splash Bash

Pool Activities

July 19th: Cardboard Boat Regatta  September 7th: Pull the Plug Splash Bash

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Pickleball vs. Tennis: What’s the Difference?

Pickleball players on the court at Old Hawthorne in Columbia Missouri

The list of activities to do at the Club at Old Hawthorne doesn’t begin and end with golf. The club offers both tennis and pickleball courts for its members to use.

Tennis might be more of a familiar sport than pickleball, but the two have quite a few similarities while still being their own respected games.

Pickleball could be considered a lower intensity alternative to racket sports––like tennis or badminton. Because of its similarities to tennis, pickleball can provide a great segway into or out of tennis without giving up the game entirely.

Pickleball is played on a smaller court than tennis, allowing the player(s) to move around their playing area without exerting as much energy as a game of tennis may demand. The strokes and movements of pickleball are also similar to tennis––what’s different is the intent behind them. While tennis requires a perfect balance of brains and brawn, pickleball games can usually be won through strategically placed hits. This is an aspect of the game that helps players transition from pickleball to tennis as it teaches the players the art of controlling their strokes.

Another difference comes in the form of the balls that each game uses. Tennis balls, the fuzzy green spheres with white taping, offer much more bounce than the holey plastic ball of pickleball.

As it’s a lesser-known game, pickleball may seem like a less competitive version of tennis, but that’s not true. Pickleball has tournaments and national championships that are covered live throughout the United States. But just as any game, pickleball can be played at whatever level of competitiveness that the players wish. From fun and friendly to loser pays the drinks tab, it’s the player’s choice.

Pickleball and tennis are both fun sports that offer their own pros and cons to the members of Old Hawthorne.

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New Trends in Athletic Wear

Old Hawthorne Beauty

The first thing you’ll see when walking into the Golf Shop at The Club at Old Hawthorne is the beautiful rich wood panelings and high ceilings. The second thing you may take notice of is the vast selection of merchandise and golf equipment that the shop offers customers. As always, the staff at Old Hawthorne provides the best quality merchandise, and our incredible customer service.  

Dressing to Win

The Golf Shop at Old Hawthorne offers golf apparel in men’s, women’s, and junior’s sizing––accommodating anyone who’s looking to start or add to their golfing wardrobe. Keeping in line with its high-quality experience, The Golf Shop offers golf apparel from Adidas, Ashworth, EP Pro, Fairway and Green, Footjoy, Nike, Peter Millar, Under Armour, and Zero Restriction. You can embrace your inner golf-fanatic with breathable, colorful polos and sun-blocking caps (don’t let that pesky spring sun ruin your perfect score). 

It’s Not Put Put

Wanting the customers’ golfing experience to be the best that it can be, The Golf Shop also sells drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, iron sets, wedges, and putters. All the equipment is sourced from renowned brands like Adams, Callaway, Cleveland, Mizuno, Nike, Titleist, TaylorMade, and Ping. Another unique feature that Old Hawthorne offers their guest is the chance to try out “demo clubs.” The Golf Shop keeps an abundant supply of clubs that any of the guests can use to get a good feeling for clubs that they’re thinking of purchasing. 

Team Spirit

The Golf Shop also has a selection for any University of Missouri fans out there. The shop offers a comprehensive and unique array of Mizzou Tiger apparel for anyone wanting to support one of Columbia’s colleges. 

Next time you’re at the club, stop by The Golf Shop so you can turn heads on the course. Not a member? Visit our website to learn more. 

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Have Your Meetings and Parties at Old Hawthorne

The Club at Old Hawthorne is the perfect location to hold a multitude of events––most falling into three categories: golf outings, corporate events, and special occasions. 

Out to Golf

The golf course at Old Hawthorne is well-known around Missouri, and can be the perfect incentive to bring coworkers, business partners, or charity donors together. The professional and enthusiastic staff at Old Hawthorne is ready and willing to help organize both company and personal events to the highest standards. 

Party Planner

There are five venues that The Club at Old Hawthorne offers its customers based on the occupancy of the events. For smaller parties, Old Hawthorne offers the Tack Room, which has an occupancy of 25 for a seated event and 35 for a cocktail style reception, and the Terrace Room which holds 34 people for a seated event and 45 for a cocktail style reception. The Club has three options for parties that are over 100 people: beginning with The Legacy Ballroom, which holds 115 people, and the entire clubhouse and patio for parties from 200 to 250 guests. For the parties with 300 guests, Old Hawthorne offers its Green Side venue. 

For all the events held at The Club at Old Hawthorne, it offers menu and beverage packages. The club can customize packages for its customers based on the size and length of the event being held.  

Going Corporate

Old Hawthorne’s multiple venues and menus cater efficiently to the needs of their client’s events. Looking to celebrate employees through golf outings, holiday parties, or office retreats, The Club at Old Hawthorne has the venue. Are you trying to expand your business or have hard conversations? The venues are great for recruitment dinners and business meetings. 

Personal Celebrations

The Club at Old Hawthorne is a beautiful location to have any and all wedding events. There’s a venue for every personal event from engagement parties to bridal showers and rehearsal dinners to receptions and post-wedding brunches.

Given the state of the world with the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to make sure you can still enjoy these events while also staying safe. That’s why we’ve implemented new procedures to ensure your safety. We’re practicing social distancing as we space our tables six feet apart, and we’re seating a maximum of 10 people at each table. We are keeping room capacities at 50%, and we are frequently disinfecting tables, chairs, and other common touchpoints, so you won’t have to worry about coming across many germs. And of course, you will have access to hand washing and sanitizing stations throughout The Club. At Old Hawthorne, we value your health and your experience—start planning yours at The Club today.

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Why Are You Postponing Events?

We have recently received both positive and negative feedback from our members regarding our postponing of upcoming events surrounding the Covid-19 concerns in Missouri. First and foremost, thank you for your feedback regarding these changes. We would like to take the time to explain our reasoning for these adjustments.

Obviously, we are not particularly excited about these cancellations ourselves. As you can imagine, cancelling social events greatly effect the Club’s income and our staff’s personal wages. We are doing this in an effort to support the social distancing recommendation, which varies from city-to-city and changes daily, if not hourly.

Some cities are recommending that groups no larger than 20, 50, 250, 1000 people, etc. meet in public places. The main goal of cancelling events in our community, and trust us when we say that we are not alone in this as we have personally spoken with many event hosts in the area, is to reduce the fear of missing out on events as a way to encourage members of our community to stay home. This is pressure that is being put on us by our community and healthcare leaders. By reducing the amount of events we are hosting currently, we are reducing the pressure for you, our members, to attend outings and events. This may not be popular, but it is a strategy referred to as “flattening the curve” and as a nation, let alone the community of Columbia, we are being asked to participate in this effort. 


We have included two links below that explain how this strategy works and why it is being recommended:

From a community perspective, “flattening the curve only works if we take necessary measures before they seem necessary. If it works, people will think we over-reacted. We have to be willing to look like we over-reacted.” – Kaila Colbin

In addition, all of our privately scheduled events for the remainder of March and into early April have canceled their events. We have hosts of golf tournaments that are scheduled in May reaching out to us regarding canceling their tournaments. This is not just a matter of Old Hawthorne making frivolous decisions regarding hosting member events. It is much bigger than us.

You can see that The Club is still open and operating. We are not going to prevent you from joining us on the golf course, courts, fitness center or bar and grille at this point. Those gatherings are fairly small and completely optional. However, when we host an event that is ticketed, or that you pay an annual fee for, that automatically adds pressure for you to attend. Government leaders are requesting that we cancel these events or postpone them so that potential attendees don’t feel like they are missing out on fun by staying home. That’s it. The government wants you to stay home until they get outbreaks under control, regardless of if they are directly effecting our community at this present moment. We are simply being asked to remove temptations.

We want you to know that we are taking these postponements on a case-by-case basis. Certain events have different cancellation deadlines as far as food orders, staffing logistics, and even vendor contracts. It may not make sense to you, but we ask you to please be respectful of the professionals we have making these decisions. We assure you that we take this responsibility very seriously and are doing the best we can to make the best decisions for our members, employees, community and country. We hope that you will be supportive of our decisions, even if you don’t agree or understand.

As far as future events, we can’t speak on those currently. We certainly hope they aren’t postponed as that would have been a huge waste of our time and money to plan them. There are many details in the air, especially with the news of Mizzou moving classes online for the remainder of the semester. Please take into consideration that approximately 70% of our workforce are college students. The community’s decisions and our operational decisions directly effect them as well.

Again, we take this very seriously. We are not taking political sides in this issue and are not even taking those biases into consideration. We will continue to rely on the recommendations of the CDC, WHO, and various community leaders when making these decisions.

The Club is currently up and running and we hope to remain so, but we are taking this one day at a time, as everyone else in America is. 

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Thankful Tuesday!

Today is “Thankful Tuesday” also known as “Giving Tuesday” and I found it an appropriate time to share the many charities and foundations that our wonderful members supported through club-wide initiatives over the past month:

Coyote Hill & True North – every year Amanda, our Fitness Director, hosts “Candlelight Yoga” in memory of a dear member who is no longer with us, Carolyn Little. The entry fees to attend this event are given directly to Coyote Hill & True North as donations. Though the amounts vary from year to year, this is a kind touch that helps the lives of women and children in our community. This year you contributed $325 to each charity.

Almeta Crayton’s “Everybody Eats” – with the support of Performance Food Group we were able to donate 40 turkeys and over $5,200 to help provide a warm Thanksgiving meal or Thanksgiving food baskets to community members in need. What’s so amazing is Almeta Crayton’s vision for this event prior to her death was to “bridge the gap between the have and the have not” and ultimately you have helped this dream become a reality, while supporting over 2000 people in the process.  

The American Red Cross – we hosted our first blood drive at the Club last month and thanks to our faithful members and staff we collected 18 units of blood. 18 units of blood can save up to 54 lives. 54 people could be given a second chance at life because of your donation. We hope to collect even more the next time we host a blood drive! Additionally, you donated money to the American Red Cross as an entry fee for the Turkey Trot 5k and we were able to give a $593 to the Red Cross in the form of a financial donation as well!Blood Drive

Great Circle – every year we host a gift drive for the children of Great Circle. “Great Circle is a recognized behavioral health care leader, providing services through managed care, accredited education and trauma-informed therapies across Missouri” ( and is on target to serve over 40,000 children, families, and individuals in 2019. What impressed me so much this year, was that before I had even emailed any information out about the Great Circle Wish List Ornaments being available, 75% of them had been claimed. I had not even mentioned one word of this initiative and it was almost fully supported by our membership. That blows me away. Every year we ask for additional wish list ornaments because our members purchase gifts quickly and generously and we always have members saying “I didn’t get an ornament! Can I please help?”. It’s incredibly humbling to hang each one of these ornaments on our trees and read the simple wishes of children in our community. You are once again showing up for those in need. 

What is truly incredible to me is that your giving to these programs was all in a one-month period. Quite frankly, you have been asked to consider giving to these charities by Old Hawthorne alone, and I have no doubt that you are also supporting your own churches, foundations and passion projects on top of your contributions to the programs listed above. So on this “Thankful Tuesday” I know that there are literally thousands of people in our community who are thankful for the food you have supplied, the blood you have donated, and the gifts under their trees, but there is an even smaller group of people who work at Old Hawthorne who are incredibly thankful to serve such kind souls as yourselves. We are thankful for YOU. 

Mary Beth Darr
Director of Member Relations


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It Takes Many Hands

It takes many hands.

One of my absolute favorite events we host annually, is the Hawthorne Halloween & Chilling Cart Ride party! This is a fun family event that is entertaining for children, pre-teens and adults alike! There is always tons and tons of candy, spooky decorations and of course, the haunted golf cart rides, but my favorite part about this event is the many hands that are required for its success.


As a staff, we work together in a beautiful way to produce this event. We have over 30 food and beverage staff members that work this event, but we also have the entire player services crew involved, all three golf pros (Max, Kevin, Tommy), our Tennis Director Nick, Accounts Receivable Manager Barb Stephenson, grounds crew members, and of course our General Manager Travis McCubbin. All in all, close to 50 staff members from various departments, come together to create a magical memory for our members.

We utilize the improv theatre technique called “Yes, And” which I think really takes this event over the top. Our staff says “yes” to my crazy ideas, and then they say “and let’s add this element this year”. It is incredibly unique to have such a committed team of staff members who have a passion for creating memories for our members and are willing to say yes to the idea of sitting in the 34 degree rain for 4 hours, or who are willing to wear a ridiculous costume all night, or who make 6 gallons of slime for days before the event in preparation!

We also had Old Hawthorne members reach out and ask if they could volunteer to help with this party simply because they love kids. I can’t even properly put into words how kind this was. Small gestures of support from members who want to make Old Hawthorne a memorable place for children as well as adults is huge and what a testament it is to the type of members we have who call Old Hawthorne home!

So yes, this event takes many hands to be successful: little hands to receive candy and play the carnival games, detailed hands to organize and plan the event, helpful hands who go wherever needed, creative hands that come up with elaborate costumes and decorations, hands covered in slime for days to make sure it is ready for the kids, culinary hands to carve monsters out of watermelons and pumpkins, gloved hands that sit in the freezing rain for hours playfully scaring the cart riders, hands that hold chainsaws to really scare the brave, and hands that carry a tray to retrieve drinks or pick up trash after the party…so many hands with so many different roles and so much love and appreciation for all of them.


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